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High Density Concrete 


DenseCRETE® can be poured, pumped, or conveyed, and is as versatile as conventional density concrete in both application and usability. DenseCRETE® can be designed to meet high strength specifications, or cope with special circumstances such as extreme weather or marine environments. NSS mix designs are specifically tailored to the unique requirements for each individual project.

For example, in radiation vaults, densities of up to 325 pcf (5.21 g/cc) will reduce the required shield wall thickness and/or increase the usable interior room space by up to 55% when compared to conventional concrete at 147 pcf.

Using DenseCRETE® eliminates the need for and costs associated with composite shields made of lead or steel sandwiched between conventional concrete and/or used in combination with borated polyethylene. DenseCRETE® attenuates both photon and neutrons, and can replace these costly composite shields with a lower cost, more compact solution. NSS never uses any lead in our high density shielding products. Our products are all completely non-toxic and environmentally safe.

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