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 Iron Silicate Aggregates and Abrasives

Minerals Research, Inc. (MRI)

Minerals Research, Inc. (MRI), formerly Minerals Research & Recovery, Inc. (MR&R) has been active in the mining, processing and marketing of various mineral products since 1980.

Our company has extensive experience in the production and marketing of mineral and mineral slag products including: air blasting abrasives (SHARPSHOT® iron silicate), slurry blasting abrasives, roofing granules, roofing backing sands, cement additives, road and roof asphalt fillers, and aggregates.

These products are manufactured under tight quality guidelines at MRI’s manufacturing facilities in Arizona and are delivered via a broad distribution network through the south-western and western United States. MRI also serves markets in Mexico and in the U.S. Gulf, where it has become a major supplier of abrasives for underwater waterjet cutting decommissioning and abandonment projects.

In the state of California, MRI helped pioneer the recycling of spent abrasives into the manufacture of Portland cement clinker.

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