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Industrial Minerals & Mineral Wastes

Universal Minerals International, Inc.(UMII) 

Universal Minerals International, Inc. (UMII) is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona and is dedicated to finding markets for industrial minerals and industrial mineral wastes. Our primary focus is on heavy minerals such as iron ore (hematite, magnetite and ilmenite) to take advantage of their extreme weight and high density properties. 


Our products include high density blocks, aggregates and concrete for use in weighting, counter-weighting, radiation shielding, high density filtration media and oil and gas submarine pipeline coating aggregates. Our full service mineral processing plant located on the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky manufactures silica safe air blasting abrasives and asphalt slurry seal coatings. It also serves as a third party custom tolling facility for other industrial mineral companies by offering custom mineral crushing, drying, screening, blending , packaging and storage for a variety of mineral products.


With over 4 decades of industrial mineral processing and selling experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to find non-traditional uses for by-products and waste products such as smelter slag, boiler slag, mineral fines, etc. This not only helps the environment but also turns costly waste into value-added products. We look forward to and get excited about taking on new challenges where prior efforts may not have been successful.


Thank you for visiting our website; please contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

Meet Our UMII Team

Cari Barros

Sales Manager


Russell Pruett

General Manager


Manjit Chopra

Technical Manager


Cyndy Elias



Amber Collier

Assistant Controller


Kim Lucas

Human Resources


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