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High Density Concrete & Aggregates


Nuclear Shielding Supplies & Service (NSS) is the worldwide leader in the expertise and supply of heavy aggregates for producing NSS High Density Concrete (DenseCRETE®) and Fillers (ShieldGROUT®). NSS also supplies additives for the attenuation of thermal neutrons in DenseCRETE®, as well as conventional concrete. These high density mineral aggregates are utilized in customized high density concrete applications for radiation shielding in cancer treatment centers, nuclear power plants, collegiate test reactors, national laboratories, research facilities, and for storage/transport casks for radioactive waste.

Non-nuclear heavy weight material applications include weights and counterweights for bridges, heavy duty cranes, and submerged pipelines; ballast materials for ships and off-shore platforms, and materials for breakwaters and for noise and vibration reduction. NSS maintains bulk stockpiles of processed high density aggregates at strategic locations around the United States, Canada, and various countries of the world in order to meet short notice delivery requirements.

NSS also manufactures high density modular concrete blocks (ShieldBLOCK®) in solid, interlocking, and 2-core concrete masonry unit (CMU) varieties for medical and industrial radiation shielding applications.

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