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Modular Radiation Shielding Unit Filler

ShieldGROUT® is designed as a complement to the ShieldBLOCK® pre-fabricated modular radiation shielding units.  Specially formulated to match the required density of the ShieldBLOCK®, ShieldGROUT® is used to fill in areas, as needed, to achieve a homogeneous shielding barrier.  ShieldGROUT® workability can be adjusted for use as a mortar for structures consisting of solid ShieldBLOCK® rectangular units or for use as grout for filling the cells for 2-core ShieldBLOCK® installation projects.  ShieldGROUT® is also commonly used in leveling and tie-back layers when laying interlocking ShieldBLOCK® units.


ShieldGROUT® can also be used as an individual shielding material for space limited or other shielding applications. 


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